NEW: Under the Hat Monthly Update

Each month, a wellness topic will be featured along with resources provided by Kiewit’s Employee Assistance Providers and Employee Family Assistance Program (EAP/EFAP).

Make mental health
a top priority.

The pressures of life can affect everyone’s mental well-being, just as they affect our physical health. Under the Hat is a one-stop resource for employees and their families to quickly access confidential mental health support.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers vary from country-to-country and individual benefits packages. Please read the EAP eligibility statements noted within the materials under your country.

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A través de CADI y Ever Health tiene acceso a recursos de salud mental sin costo y complemente confidencial. 

Kiewit and the Colorado Avalanche: Champions for well-being

Kiewit has teamed up with the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche to talk about something that really matters – your mental and emotional health.

Click here to watch this video to hear more from Alicia Edsen, senior vice president of Safety and HR at Kiewit, and our TV announcing partners from the Avalanche about the importance of prioritizing your mental health and how to access the many resources available to help you when you need it.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Take care of yourself and always look out for others who may need support.

French Transcript | Spanish Transcript

EAP/EFAP Toolbox Talks

Access talking points and toolbox talk templates to help you and your team communicate on the job site.

Find toolbox talks here.

Know the signs

We all have a responsibility to act when we or others are experiencing mental health challenges. Start by understanding the signs and then reach out to the EAP provider in your country. Don’t wait for a problem to escalate into a crisis. Experts are just a phone call away.

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